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Amy M. Lechuga, MPA
500 E. San Antonio
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El Paso, Texas 79901
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State Bar of Texas
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To serve the State of Texas, the County of El Paso and the general public in providing accurate, timely, and efficient caseflow management for the County Courts at Law - class A and B misdemeanors, civil and probate cases.

County Court Administration (CCA) assists the Judges of the County Courts, County Criminal Courts and Probate Courts in gaining greater efficiencies in caseflow management. Additionally, CCA handles administrative tasks, provides support to court staff, and other tasks deemed as essential for a more uniform and efficient operation of the County Courts at Law in El Paso County

The First Chance Program is a diversion program offered by the El Paso District Attorney’s Office to first-time offenders who would otherwise be charged with possession of misdemeanor amounts of marijuana. It is a voluntary program that gives the offender a one-time opportunity to keep his or her record clean and avoid the filing of a criminal charge. The First Chance Program recognizes that first-time misdemeanor possession-of-marijuana offenders can often be held accountable without the need for more formalized and costly criminal-justice intervention. The First Chance Program is supervised by the El Paso County Criminal Justice Coordination Department.