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  • As a Public Safety Telecommunicator, I am dedicated to serve the public and the Sheriff's Office; to safeguard life and property, to assist all public safety vehicles and personnel in the performance of their duties; assure that all rules and regulations which govern my position are not violated.

    I will maintain a calm attitude during times of stress and emergencies; develop self-control and be mindful of the welfare of others, regardless of race, creed, age, or religion. I will obey the laws of the land, rules, and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission and policies of the Sheriff's Office.

    I will demonstrate professional excellence through leadership, cooperation, and dedication serving the public.

    Whatever confidential information I receive will be revealed only in the official performance of my duties.

    I will exhibit honesty and integrity through ethical behavior. I will not act selfishly or unofficially or let my personal feelings, friendships, prejudices or animosity influence my decisions.

    I will strive to achieve those objectives and ideals, which govern my profession, dedicating myself, to my chosen profession, Public Safety Telecommunications.

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