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  • Emergency Management Unit
  • The Emergency Management Unit is responsible for preparatory activities such as All-hazards equipment purchases, personal protection equipment (PPE's) purchases and distribution. Providing and coordinating training such as FEMA training mandates and community interaction through committee participation.
  • The Section is tasked with the following duties:
  •   • Equip department personnel as necessary to respond to all-hazards situations.
  •   • Assist in reviewing the necessary county & regional evacuation plans.
  •   • Coordinate & document necessary threat and risk assessments.
  •   • Maintain a master record of required FEMA training.
  •   • Conduct PPE training with EPSO personnel.
  •   • Coordinate DHS grants.
  •   • Control and inventory all DHS grant funded equipment.
  •   • Coordinate all-hazards efforts with outside agencies.
  •   • Gather and disseminate essential street level information.
  • Point of Contact:
  • Sgt. Ryan Urrutia rurrutia@epcounty.com
  • Deputy Abel Morales abmorales@epcounty.com
  • The Section also counts with two emergency response vehicles (SUV's) which are equipped with multiple computerized frequency radios that allow for multi-agency (Regional) interoperability in case of an emergency or disaster, and together with their assigned response trailers, can act as mobile command centers.
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