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  • Sheriff's Office Animal Control Unit
  • The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit is supervised by a Sergeant and has 6 civilian Animal Control Officers assigned to the unit. Their responsibilities include the enforcement of animal vaccination laws as well as the collection of stray and/or vicious animals in the unincorporated areas of El Paso County. Animal Control Officers also investigate calls involving animal bites, animal cruelty and nuisance calls involving animals, both domesticated and non-domesticated.
  • County residents are urged to contact the EPCSO Animal Control Unit if response is needed outside El Paso city limits at (915) 546-2280.
  • Animal Control Officers will patrol designated areas locating animals in violation of animal regulation laws /ordinances. These duties involve: capturing - biting, vicious, diseased, loose or stray animals.
  • All captured animals will be transported to an impound facility. 

    -Investigations of complaints and animal bite cases will be in conjunction with Law enforcement.

    -Animal Control Officers will verify animal licenses and rabies vaccinations.

    - Examinations of captured animals for injuries will be conducted / injured animals will also be transported to impound facilities

    - Officers will aid in rabies examinations

    - Conduct animal cruelty and nuisance investigations

    - Explain & enforces animal regulation laws

    - Issue warnings or citations for violations & present cases in court

  • BACKGROUND: On Monday. October 5, 2009, County Commissioners voted &awarded the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office $115,000.00 to fund the hiring of civilian Animal Control Officers including equipment, vehicles and training. The Animal Unit is to patrol & respond the outlying areas of the county where there is a significantstray dog problem. This Animal Unit would better handle & target areas where animal control services are now frequently needed. There are current discussions with the city on the issue of boarding & safekeeping the animals. The Animal Control Program commenced December 21, 2009 after the finalization of policies & the hiring / training of the officers.
  • Monthly Citations Issued

  • Monthly Dogs Impounded

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