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  • Community Services
  • The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Community Services section is comprised of six deputies and one deputy sergeant supervisor. The community services offices are located in the Sparks subdivision at the Sheriff’s Office substation located at 12899 Sparks, El Paso County, Texas. The best phone number to contact us is 915-538-2223. We can also be reached by email at chacosta@epcounty.com
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  • The main goal of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office section is to educate the public. We strive to build ties with the community and we very much incorporate the community policing aspect into our mission. At community services, we try to show the public and the community that there are two sides to the Sheriff’s Office and Law enforcement as a whole. We partner with other state and local agencies as well as federal agencies to bring the community presentations, career days, and other events.
  • We offer presentations that range from anti-drug awareness, seat belt safety, traffic safety issues, anti-bullying issues, cyber-bullying issues, and the dangers of social media. We conduct home safety surveys which help homeowners better secure their homes. We participate in neighborhood crime watch meetings where we educate the community members of the safety precautions they can take to better take care of their neighborhoods. All of these topics are covered in order to prevent crime from occurring which is one of the main goals of the community services section.
  • The community services section also participates in several parades throughout the year to include the Easter parade, Thanksgiving parade, Christmas parade, and others. Each year the community service section hosts the Sheriff’s Office annual National Night out Event in which the citizens and the community takes back the neighborhood from the criminal element. The community services section also conducts lockdown drills at different schools throughout the county. Some of the other projects that the section is involved in include the Sheriff’s Office annual Haunted House, the annual run out bullying race, the annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament and several other events that we participate in.
  • "Sheriff's Town"- The purpose is to go out into the community, specifically schools and businesses, to educate young children on bicycle safety. Deputies create a mock town complete with buildings, stop signs, and four way intersections to help promote bicycle laws and educate children on the required safety equipment needed when riding a bicycle.
  • "Explorer Post"; The purpose of this organization is to afford an opportunity for young adults in the community to observe, participate and learn about law enforcement. We will provide our members with sound information in which to base their decision on pursuing a future law enforcement career. At a minimum this Post will provide its members with the tools to become productive law-abiding citizens of El Paso County by instilling self-pride, dignity and integrity to each member. 
  • To be eligible for membership, the applicant must be at least 14 years of age and have completed the eighth grade, or 15 years of age and not yet 20 years of age. Explorers registered in the post prior to their 20th birthday may continue as a member after their 20th birthday until the post re-charters or until they reach their 21st birthday.All members MUST maintain a passing grade average in each subject while attending school. A grade of "D" or lower will automatically place that Explorer on probation until grades can be brought up to a "C" or better.
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