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  • Sheriff's Sales
  • The listed sales are for the Sheriff's Office only and do not include sales by the Constable's Offices or other El Paso County Offices. Instruction as to bid amount will be covered by the officer conducting the sale.

  • ** Additional County Clerk fees may apply.
    Refer to the County Clerks Website: www.epcounty.com/clerk
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  • Personal Property Sale Notices
    Sale Date Sale Time Sale Location Items for Sale

  • Real Property Sale Notices (Judgement Sales)
    Sale Date Sale Time Sale Location Description of Property

    April 4, 2017 10:00 am 500 E. San Antonio
    3rd Floor
    El Paso County Courthouse
    Lot 7 and a portion of Lot 6, Block 568, of Vista Del Sol Unit One Hundred Fifty One, an addition to the City of El Paso, El Paso County, Texas, according to the Plat thereof recorded in Volume 74, Page 53, of the Plat Records of El Paso County, Texas, said portion being more particularly described by Metes and Bounds as: Commencing at a city monument located at the centerlines intersection of April Ruth Way, and Amber Morgan Drive in Vista Del Sol, Unit One Hundred Fifty One (151):Thence N 44 Deg. 00’37” West, along the centerline of April Ruth Way, a distance of 135.90 feet to a city monument; Thence N 10 Deg. 35’ 15” East, a distance of 49.0 feet to a set chiseled cross marking the “Point of Beginning”; Thence 0.86 feet along the arc of a curve to the left whose interior angle is 1 deg. 00’ 21” whose radius is 49.0 feet and whose chord bears N 79 deg. 54’ 56” west, a distance of 0.86 feet to a set chiseled cross; Thence north 5 deg. 10’ 03” east, along the centerline of a rockwall, a distance of 35.09 feet to a set concrete nail; Thence north 5 deg. 02’ 05” east, continuing along, the centerline of a rockwall, a distance of 15.36 feet to a set concrete nail; Thence north 6 deg. 12’ 38” east, continuing along the centerline of a rockwall, a distance of 99.08 feet to set concrete nail; Thence south 44 deg. 00’ 37” east, along the northeasterly boundary of lot six (6), a distance of 16.22 feet to a set concrete nail; Thence south the 10 deg. 35’ 15” west, along the common lot line between lots six (6), and seven (7), a distance of 139.62 feet to the “point of beginning” and containing in all 1,033.90 square feet or 0.024 acres of land more or less
  • Property Tax Sales
  • Tax Sales property listings are posted on the 15th of each month and can be viewed by clicking the following link http://www.lgbs.com/.
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