Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
500 E. San Antonio, Suite 105
El Paso, Texas 79901

Main Office
Phone (915) 546-2071
Fax (915) 546-2012

Vitals Department
Fax (915) 543-3806

Cashier/Recording Department (CIQ filings)
Fax (915) 546-2012

Anthony Bedoya
Chief Deputy

Angie De La Riva
Office Manager

El Paso County Clerk

  • Mission Statement
  • To secure, preserve and generate public and vital records, upholding the highest standards of integrity as public servants, maximizing the use of technology and e-government services, while providing the utmost accurate, professional and efficient service to our community.
  • Foreclosure Map
  • Other Services
  • Archives and Records
  • Assumed Names
  • Recording/Cashiers
  • Foreclosures - Sales take place in the County Courthouse lobby on the 1st Tuesday, of each month.
  • Note: The County Clerk’s office is a recording agency only. For information about any properties, and/or issues concerning foreclosures, please contact the trustees as indicated on the notice.
  • Fees
  • Probate / Civil Filings
  • Wills, Court Registry, Guardianship, Cash Bonds Fees [click here] and Miscellaneous Fees [click here]
  • JP Appeals, Certificate of Titles, Civil Filings Fees [click here]
  • Criminal Filings
  • Misdemeanor Fees - Criminal [click here] - Criminal Related [click here]
  • Mandatory E-Filing 01/01/14 Texas Supreme Court Information
  • This order mandates electronic ("e-filing") in all civil cases, including family and probate cases, by attorneys in appellate courts, and in all non-juvenille civil cases, including family and probate cases, by attorneys in district courts, statutory county courts, constitutional county courts, and statutory probate courts pursuant to a detailed implementation schedule.
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  • Delia Briones
  • Delia Briones
  • A complete look inside the functionality of the Office of the County Clerk
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