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Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

8:00 am - 11:30 am

Physical Address:
14608 Greg Dr.
EL Paso, Texas 79938
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Phone (915) 855-3062
Fax (915) 855-3098

Constable Precinct 6

Justices of the Peace Directory

Precinct 1 - Robert T. Pearson
Precinct 2 - Brian J. Haggerty
Precinct 3 - Guadalupe Aponte
Precinct 4 - Jesus Urenda
Precinct 5 - John Chatman
Precinct 6-1 - Ruben Lujan
Precinct 6-2 - Enedina Nina Serna
Precinct 7 - Steven E. Anderson

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Services and Fees

(Please be advised that clerks are not permitted to give legal advice or provide additional legal forms.)

Small Claims: $111.00*
Jury Fee: $22.00
Small Claims Appeal Fee: $31.00
Counter Claims Fee: $46.00
Constable service fee for civil cases: $65.00 per defendant
Evictions: $146.00*
Constable service fee for evictions: $100 per defendant
Abstract of Judgment: $5.00
Writ of Execution: $5.00
Writ of Possession: $200.00 (includes Constable fee)
* includes Constable service fee for one defendant
All claims must be under the jurisdictional limit of $10,000.00

Claims Process
Once claim is filed, defendant will be served with a copy of the suit between 30 to 90 days. Once defendant has been served, they will have 14 days to submit and answer to the suit. After 14 the days have passed, plaintiff will need to contact the court to schedule case for court.


Margie Salcido: Court Coordinator - msalcido@epcounty.com

Olga Orozco: Civil Case Clerk - oorozco@epcounty.com

Luz Vargas: Office Supervisor - lvargas@epcounty.com

Cynthia Gutierrez: Traffic Clerk - cgutierrez@epcounty.com

Diana Grisham: Court Clerk - dgrisham@epcounty.com

Rita Vega: Court Clerk - rivega@epcounty.com

Laura Macias: Court Clerk - lmacias@epcounty.com

Magda Reyes: Court Clerk - mreyes@epcounty.com