The Veteran Assistance program provides assistance to veterans their dependents, and surviving spouses of El Paso County in any manner related to the Department of Veterans Affairs and help administer the veterans programs of the State of Texas.

The Veterans Assistance office, as mandated by Texas Civil Statues, provides assistance to veterans residing in the County. This office interviews and advises clients on entitlements, assists in filing or service connected disability claims, answers and researches inquiries regarding medical, educational, home loans and other benefits, assists clients in completing Veterans Assistance forms and in filing appeals with the Veterans Administration. The Veterans Administration Office also serves as liaison with veterans' organizations and ensures compliance with all departments of veteran's affairs and related laws, procedures and policies.

Goal: To aid residents of the county who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during any war or peace-time enlistment in preparing, submitting and presenting any claim against the U.S. or any state, for compensation, hospitalization, insurance, pension, education, or other benefits to which they may be entitled.

Objective 1: To attend conferences and seminars to be abreast of all current legislation and mandates of the Veterans Assistance and Texas Veterans Commission.

Objective 2: To participate in public speaking engagements on veteran's issues.