Ruben P. Gonzalez
El Paso CountyTax Assessor-Collector

500 E. Overland Ave.
Suite 101
El Paso, Texas 79901
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Phone (915) 546-2140
Fax (915) 546-8100

County Tax Assessor-Collector

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. How do I obtain a license (GDN) to sell vehicles?
  • A. Contact 1-800-687-7846 to order a packet from the Texas Department of Transportation
  • Q. Do dealers have to report and pay VIT on vehicles sold to individuals from another country or state?
  • A. Yes. As long as the sale originates in Texas, VIT must be paid.
  • Q. Can I get help on filling out the VIT report?
  • A. Yes. Please contact the V.I.T. staff
  • For any additional questions fell free to contact our VIT County Tax Office.