A division of the Community Services Department

Vision: The new tradition is a renewed conviction of excellence by changing lives, inspiring hope and building a brighter future.
Mission Statement: To build trust, adapt to an evolving community and provide a safe and healthy quality of life to our families.

To assist individuals transitioning from incarceration or detention back into the community become self-supporting, productive citizens, with the goal of reducing recidivism and improving public safety.

Reentry is the process of reintegrating back into the community for individuals who have been incarcerated.
Recidivism is when an individual returns to being incarcerated after being released to the community due to new criminal activity or violations of their parole/probation.
Reentry Support Services is a division providing Care Management (CM) services to justice involved individuals reintegrating back into the community, including, but not limited to; Screening and Assessment, Targeted Interventions, Transition Plan, Self-Evaluation and Sustainability.
Care management is an individual/family centered, strength based approach which is comprehensive and requires an understanding of the individual’s underlying dynamics.
- Each participant will be assigned to a Care Manager who will begin partnering with them, their families, and care teams in identifying their personal strengths and challenges, while providing connections to community resources and support.
- Offers two models:
Comprehensive Care Management- Direct Service Model
Coordinated Care Management- Case Monitoring Model
The Reentry Support Services Team serves justice involved individuals in need of Care Management support:
- Releasing or recently released from incarceration/detention (within 90 days)
- Under Community (Adult Probation) or PR Bond supervision;
- Homeless in the El Paso County Jail
- Under JPD supervision, Level 4-SHOCAP & ISP

RSS Process

Step 1: Screening Assessment
This step is conducted by the Care Manager at the jail/facility to determine the individuals need, eligibility, and disposition for Reentry Support Services.

Step 2: CM Intake Assessment and Individual Care Plan
An in-depth interview is conducted with the individual accepting CM services by a Care Manager to determine potential areas of concern including, but not limited to the following life domains:

Education/Vocational, Safety, Social/Friends/Family Relationships, Home Environment, Finances/Employment, Health/Medical, Legal Issues, Emotional/Behavioral/Mental Health, Cultural/Spiritual.

A care plan is then developed from this interview with the client; identifying their personal strengths and challenges, to include; long and short term goals for addressing areas of need.

Step 3: Community Resources/ Supports
Based on the identified areas of need in the Individual Care Plan, the care manager will refer, coordinate, and connect the individual with resources in the community while monitoring in a direct service role.

Helping to put the pieces together

Reentry Support Services Team

Beatrice Fierro
Program Manager
Teresa Laurenzana-Romero
Care Manager Senior
Care Manager Intermediate
Blanca N. Gonzalez
Community Resource Coordinator
Ambar R. Martinez
Community Resource Coordinator