1. The security of DD 214s has been an issue nationally in the United States of America. In the State of Texas certain parties have been discovered to have stolen the identity of veterans by accessing their registered DD 214s at county clerk offices since they are public records. Veterans have their social security numbers on their DD214s thus making their DD214s ideal targets for identity theft.

The State of Texas has corrected this situation by passing bill HB No. 545 that goes into effect on September 1, 2003. This bill requires county clerks to make all DD 214s registered after September 1. 2003. confidential for 75 years.

2. Veterans who have registered their DD 214s before September 1, 2003 can request in writing that the county clerks office destroy the record.

3. Our office recommends that all veterans and soldiers who have not registered their DD 214s do so after September 1, 2003. Registering your DD 214 is another way of safeguarding your military service record and allows you an avenue to quickly get the document if the need arises.

4. Click here for a text of Texas Legislative Bill HB 545.