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El Paso CountyTax Assessor-Collector

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El Paso, Texas 79905

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County Tax Assessor-Collector

  • Vehicle Registration Abuse Program
  • Contact Information
  • Stop Vehicle Registration Abuse
  • Call the VRAP hotline
  • 546-2181
  • Remember... All reports will be kept Anonymous
  • Click here to report violators
  • Problem
  • The fact that El Paso County is a border to Mexico, and neighbor to the State of New Mexico, it has created registration abuse problems. There are many citizens of El Paso, who take advantage of this situation, by not properly registering their vehicles in Texas.
  • The vehicle registration violators are not only avoiding to pay sales and registration fees, (which help the maintenance and construction of roads and highways) but are also worsening the auto theft recovering system. Vehicles without proper registration, are more difficult to be track down. This increases the possibility of having more stolen vehicles from other states, and makes El Paso County an easy target to buy and sell stolen vehicles.
  • Solution - Vehicle Registration Abuse Program
  • To bring vehicle registration violators, who live in El Paso County and have vehicles with license plates from out of state or country, to register their vehicles in Texas, either voluntarily or through enforcement action.
  • The VRAP program serves to:
  • 1. Bring vehicle registration violators into compliance with Texas Transportation Code sec 502, 402-operation of unregistered motor vehicles.
  • 2. Reduce public frustration
  • 3. Recover stolen vehicles
  • 4. Recover legitimate county and state revenue.
  • 5. Educate the public.
  • 6. Warn potential violators.
  • Through a join effort between the community, El Paso County Tax Assessor-Collector Enforcement Division, County Constables, Police Department and Sheriff's Office.