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  • Citizen Survey

  • Your views about the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office are very important to us. Please give us your opinions about:

    • Sheriff’s Office overall performance;
    • Sheriff’s Office employees overall competence;
    • Your perception of officers' attitudes and behavior;
    • Your concern over safety and security within the Sheriff’s Office service area; and
    • Your recommendations and suggestions for improvements.

    Thank you for joining us in our efforts to improve the quality of law enforcement services in El Paso County.
    Printable Version
    If completing the printable survey return it to a Sheriff’s Deputy or take it to any of our Patrol Stations or the Downtown Jail or Jail Annex.
    1. Your neighborhood Zip Code: "/>
    2. How long have you lived in El Paso County?:
    />Less than a year
    />4-10 years
    />1-3 years
    />10+ years
    3. Please tell us about you.
       Sex />Male />Female
       Age />18-24
    4. What is your race or ethnic background?
    />White (Non-Hispanic)
    />African American
    />Asian or Pacific Islander
    />Native American/Native Alaskan
    5. Have you ever been the victim of a crime in El Paso County?
    />Yes />No
    6. What number did you dial to reach emergency services?
    />Non-emergency number (915-546-2280)
    />Transferred from another operator
    />Someone else called for me
    />I don't remember
    7. What type of assistance did you request?
    />Other (please explain): "/>
    />I don’t remember
    8. Was the call taker able to quickly determine your situation and needs?
    Please select the response that most accurately reflects your opinion for each statement.
    9. The call taker was professional and helpful to me.
    />Strongly Agree
    />Strongly Disagree
    10. I feel safe in my neighborhood.
    />Strongly Agree
    />Strongly Disagree
    11. Based on your perception, rate the following categories of criminal activity: (select a number for each)
    1 – Most Important   2 – Important   3 – Least Important
    />1   />2   />3   Violent Crimes (rape, sexual assault, child abuse)
    />1   />2   />3   Domestic Violence
    />1   />2   />3   Burglaries (home, business, motor vehicles)
    />1   />2   />3   Robberies
    />1   />2   />3   Driving While Intoxicated Enforcement
    />1   />2   />3   Narcotics Activities
    />1   />2   />3   Property Crimes
    />1   />2   />3   Auto Theft
    />1   />2   />3   Juvenile Crime
    />1   />2   />3   Traffic Enforcement
    />1   />2   />3   Neighborhood Patrols
    />1   />2   />3   Thefts
    />1   />2   />3   Other (Explain)
    12. Officer presence in my neighborhood is appropriate.
    />Strongly Agree
    />Strongly Disagree
    13. Officers responded to my emergency in a timely manner.
    />Strongly Agree
    />Strongly Disagree
    14. The Officer that handled my incident was professional.
    />Strongly Agree
    />Strongly Disagree
    15. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is providing appropriate community education programs.
    />Strongly Agree
    />Strongly Disagree
    16. Based on your perception, rate the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office overall performance?
    />Not Good
    17. What improvement would you most like to see implemented?
    Would you like a member of the Sheriff’s Office to contact you?
    />Yes Telephone Number: "/>
    /> No Email Address: "/>
    If you have any additional concerns, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (915)852 - 4131, or write to us at El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Attn: Community Services Section, 3850 Justice Street, El Paso, Texas, 79938
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