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The County Courthouse Mural

  • About the Artist
  • Carlos Callejo
  • Carlos Callejo is an artist of the people, who is dedicated to sharing the Chicano reality. A long standing advocate of public art, Callejo has dedicated much of his career to the creation of murals in the barrios throughout the United States and abroad. He is one of El Paso's most celebrated artists, having been invited by the Smithsonian to create a mural as well as having been the recipient of a much coveted Leila Wallace - Reader's Digest Fund - Arts International grant that provided him with the opportunity to study the history and production of murals in Italy.
  • Carlos Callejo is an artist who produces work for the specific purpose of promoting the values of community interaction. He has taken inspiration from muralist of post revolutionary Mexico, but has expanded their message. His work is filled with images if the past both mythical and real, and he has drawn upon the unmistakable landscape of the American Southwest and Mexico as a dramatic backdrop. He is a storyteller if great ability, for he weaves his fingers together to tell not only a history of the past, but to inspire today's generation to grasp the brass ring of the future, Callejo's empathy for the average person is unmistakable and his ability to render their plights as well as dreams, not only reminds us of the American experience, but of the dream that brought many of our ancestors to this place. Carlos Callejo lives in Canutillo, Texas.