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500 E. San Antonio
Suite 101
El Paso, Texas 79901
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Phone (915) 546-2143
Fax (915) 546-2019

Victor M. Ramirez, Jury Panel Bailiff/Coordinator at Liberty Hall

Administrative Staff
Mike Izquierdo - Executive Director
Martha A. Banales - Office Administrator Support Manager
Naomi A. Garcia - Court Performance Analyst, Int.
Luis Banda - Court Performance Analyst
Michelle Rodarte – Court Performance Analyst
Crystal Lozano – Court Performance Supervisor
Susanne Fierro – Court Coordinator (Tax Court)

The Executive Director oversees the operation of the office as well as the staffing of the Tax Court, Jury Hall and Jury Duty Court. He meets with the judges as to their dockets, handling their budget and assists in providing the necessary equipment and supplies in order for the courts to operate.

The Council of Judges Administration provides support for seventeen District Courts, seven County Courts at Law, two Probate Courts, four Jail Magistrate, six part-time Jail Magistrates, three Associate Family Courts, one Protective Order Court, two Juvenile Court Referees, and four County Criminal Courts at Law. The administration consists of administrative staff handling the transfer of civil and criminal cases to and from courts; the appointment of attorneys to criminal cases of indigent defendants who qualify under the Indigent Defense Program; the assignment of Licensed Court Interpreters (Master’s license issued by the State of Texas) providing interpreting services for all the courts on behalf of non-English speaking defendants in criminal/civil hearings/trials when requested; the assignment of Licensed Court Reporters and contract Court Reporters to the courts when requested for civil, criminal, probate & family hearings/trials; a Booking Bailiff to assist the courts in transporting defendants to the jail; the assignment of temp Court Coordinators and temp Bailiffs to assist the court when necessary; assisting the Visiting Judges assigned to the courts with additional staff of a temp bailiff, court coordinator and court reporter; keep track of criminal law attorneys CLE’s training hours in order for them to handle criminal cases; data entry in up-dating and entering all attorneys in the data base; scheduling appointments for psychiatric evaluation of defendants; prepare and update strategic planning documents, COOP plan and Indigent Defense Plan; and assist the courts during budget hearings with their requests to Commissioners Court for equipment, staff, etc.

Court Interpreters
Guadalupe Giron
Gloria Noyola
Lynnette Garza
Maria E. Gonzalez
Jesus Sifuentes

The Court Interpreters are assigned to any and all the courts, including the Grand Jury, that require interpretation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. They interpret during civil, criminal, family, and probate hearings/trials. The interpreter must have a Master’s license issued by the State of Texas.

Certified Court Reporters
Lisa De Mello
Becky Macias
Tina Sutton

Upon request, the Court Reporters are assigned to any and all the courts, including the Grand Jury, and the Juvenile Probation Dept. that require a record in civil, criminal, Probate and family cases for hearings/trials. The reporters must be licensed by the State of Texas. They assist the court when the court's regular reporter is on vacation, out sick, at a seminar or at times when the court is running a double docket.

Liberty Hall
Marilyn Calderon - Assistant Jury Coordinator
Rachel Enriquez - Assistant Panel Bailiff Coordinator
Alejandro Armendariz - Jury Hall Office Manager
Victor M. Ramirez - Jury Panel Bailiff /Coordinator

This staff handles the jury paneling of potential jurors, line up the jurors to their assigned courts, answer questions that the jurors or public may have; mail out the questionnaires and summons. The staff is located at Liberty Hall, across from the Courthouse.

Jury Duty Court
Max Higgs - Visiting Judge
Melissa Arenas - Bailiff
Esmeralda Licon - Bailiff
Andrea Gutierrez - Case Manager
Jurors who fail to report for jury duty after numerous notices have been sent to them must report for Jury Duty Court before the Judge to give reason as to not reporting for service.

Booking Bailiff
Gus Leyva
The Booking Bailiff is assigned to transport one or more Defendants to be booked at the jail Downtown.