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500 E. San Antonio
Suite 101
El Paso, Texas 79901
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Phone (915) 546-2143
Fax (915) 546-2019

Victor M. Ramirez, Jury Panel Bailiff/Coordinator at Liberty Hall

The Council of Judges Administration oversees the operation of all the Courts to include their budget, staff personnel, maintaining their equipment needs and assisting the courts with their dockets, providing services of court reporters, court interpreters, on call bailiffs and court coordinators; appointment of attorneys to criminal cases and psychiatric examinations for the defendants. The administration supports:

17 District Courts
Seven County Courts at Law
Four County Criminal Courts at Law
Two Probate Courts
Seven Associate Family Courts which consists of (3) Associate Family Courts, a Jail Magistrate, a Children's Court and (2) Juvenile Court Referee
One Tax Court
One Jury Duty Court
Jury Assembly Hall

The Council of Judges staff consists of an Executive Director who oversees the operations mentioned above for all the courts. He also manages the courts' budgets and staffing, and meets with the judges, commissioners court, auditors and other departments. The Director oversees four support staff who assign various employees to the courts, including:

Six licensed court interpreters
Four roving certified court reporters
One booking bailiff to arrest defendants or fill in for the court's own bailiff when necessary
Provide on-call bailiffs as needed
Provide freelance court reporters, court interpreters and court coordinators as needed.