• Qualifications and Training
  • The minimum qualifications to hold elected or appointed office as a Constable in Texas are actually more stringent than those for the office of Sheriff, in that an elected or appointed Constable must meet one of the following requirements:

    • Associate’s Degree from an accredited college or university;

    • Currently a Special Investigator under Article 2.122(a), Code of Criminal Procedure (federal investigators);

    • An honorably retired Texas peace officer or federal investigator; OR

    • An active or inactive licensed Texas Peace Officer

    If a newly elected or appointed Constable meets the above, but does not have a current Texas Peace Officer license, he or she is considered a peace officer and may carry a weapon. However, such Constable MUST complete an approved Basic Peace Officer Academy consisting of a minimum of 704 classroom hours, and pass the state peace officer licensing examination, within 270 days of taking office. If the Constable fails to provide proof of licensure within 270 days of taking office, he or she forfeits the office and may be removed from office by a District Judge in a quo warranto proceeding.

    For Deputy Constables, all seven precincts have made it a standing policy that all deputies, regardless whether full-time paid, part-time paid, or unpaid reserve deputies, shall be licensed peace officers who have completed the basic peace officer academy and passed the state peace officer licensing examination (although by statute, licensure is not required of reserve deputy constables).