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El Paso County Clerk

  • Records Management & Preservation
  • The El Paso County Records and Archives Department was consolidated with the El Paso County Clerk’s Records Management Department on January 30, 1995 by Court Order Commissioners Court. This function is accomplished through the Records Management and Archives Administrator.  Exceptions are those elected officials who have designated themselves as their own record’s manager. Currently, the Records Management and Archives Department serves as custodian for all County Clerk Records as described in Title 6 of the Texas Local Government Code.  In addition to its own records, twenty seven other entities have designated the El Paso County Clerk as their custodian of records.
  • The Records Management and Archives department offers actual size certified copies of Maps. The fee is $15.00 dollars per certified copy. Office hours are 8:00am - 5:00pm.
  • Mission Statement
  • - To provide the best in service, preservation and maintenance of all records created by the El Paso County government.
  • - To better assist the El Paso County government in its daily business and comply with legislative requirements and standards set by the Texas State Commission.
  • - To enhance that service through prompt, accurate delivery of the information requested.
  • Department Goals:
  • We will lead in service, quality, satisfaction and conduct by being the best in what we do. We will ensure the safe and efficient handling of documents for both the public and other county departments, using the most up-to-date technology to automate the processing and control of documents, reduce stage space, improve efficiency, reduce long term cost and streamline records management operations.
  • By statute the County Clerk is the Custodian of Records for the following Entities:
  • Commissioner’s Court
  • County Criminal Courts 1&2
  • County Courts at Law 1-7
  • Probate Courts 1&2
  • Elected/Non-Elected Offices that have designated the County Clerk as their Custodian of Record:
  • Auditor
  • Public Defender
  • Child Welfare Board
  • Purchasing
  • Communications
  • Risk Management
  • County Attorney
  • Road and Bridge
  • District Attorney
  • Sheriffs Office
  • Domestic Relations Office
  • Tax Office
  • Human Resources
  • Texas Agricultural Extension
  • Justice of the Peace 1-4, 6-7
  • R.E. Thomason Hospital
  • Information Technology Department
  • Veterans Office
  • Juvenile Probation Department (Delta Office)
  • 34th Impact Court
  • Nutrition Program
  • 8th Court of Appeals