February 2, 2018

El Paso, Texas – On January 13, 2004, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office responded the 8000 block of Coach Rd. Canutillo, Texas. Upon their arrival, they discovered the body of the property owner Ignacio Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez had been stabbed numerous times.

The Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Crimes Against Persons Unit was called in to take over the investigation.

Through the course of the investigation detectives identified a suspect in the case, Carlos Miguel Rodriquez Urquidi then 22 years of age who was an associate of Mr. Hernandez’s. Sheriff’s Detectives obtained a warrant of arrest, and for several years every possible lead was pursued in an attempt to locate and arrest Urquidi all met with no results.

It was believed that Urquidi had fled to his native Country of Mexico.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and the El Paso County District Attorney Office entered into an article IV prosecution agreement with Mexico which basically states that in the event that Urguidi is taken into custody in Mexico he will stand trial in Mexico for crimes committed in a foreign Country / the United States. In order to assist Mexican prosecutors in the trial of Urquidi, an Article 4 package was prepared by the District Attorney’s Office and the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and submitted to the Mexican authorities. The package included an extensive narrative of the investigation, witness affidavits and other pertinent documents and evidence.

Urquidi was located and taken into custody in Mexico. On November 06, 2017, Urquidi was tried and convicted; he was sentenced to 4 years 6 months in prison.


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