El Paso County Commissioner Pct. 1

Commissioner Carlos Leon Hosts Eastside Annex Groundbreaking Ceremony

Commissioner Leon hosted the Eastside Annex Groundbreaking Ceremony on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 to mark the beginning of a much anticipated project. Judge Escobar spoke about the many benefits the county will have by building the Eastside Annex on county property.


Constituents will be able to receive several services at the Eastside Annex as they would at the County Courthouse. In addition to the offices, the Eastside Annex will include a community meeting room that will have the capacity to seat 100.

The opening of the Eastside Annex will offer constituents convenient access to county offices and services, improving communication with their elected officials. 


The Eastside Annex will house offices for the following:

· County Commissioner Precinct 1

· Justice of the Peace Precinct 4

· Constable Precinct 4

· Adult Probation

· County Clerk